Modern telephone exchanges together with phone network are designed for transfer of many information. All forms of information in a modern office (voice, image, text, computer data and video conference) are transferred by installation which was used before only for voice transfer.

The importance of communication brought to huge development of telecommunication sector in the world. Domestic phone panels (for small, medium and large companies) followed the requests of the users and modern phone panels nowadays have lots of different functions.

Telephone functions have several categories:

Standard telephone functions:

call on hold, consultation, 'parking' of connection
connection transfer
retracing call
conference call
diverting connection that can be done from the operating position
shorten systematic and individual dialing
defining service rate (outgoing traffic limiting)
night work
automatic occupation and reservation of the phone line
phone lock
languages options for every separate user of the digital telephone

Special functions:

• call take-over is allowed only to the users of same call pick up group
• interrupting busy line or sending on-hold signal to busy line
• limiting the starting calls
• option for using the same address book and internal electronic address books (on system telephones)
• option for using different messages on digital phones such as: I'll be back at 10.30h
• indication of expenses and current call duration on digital devices
• usage of USB on optiPoint telephones as ISDN modem
• PC-telephone integration (by V.24 and USB on Siemens and AEI adapter on Tenovis telephone devices)

ISDN functions:

two user's (B) channels by one So connection, So bus or one digital adapter for voice and no-voice services (this does not stand for Panasonic digital systematic adapters that do not support two-channel performing)
establishing the connection right after the last digit has been dialed
number display of the calling subscriber
direct internal number call from public network without intercession

Answering call functions:

all incoming calls answered by the secretary
direct calling by functional buttons on the telephone
call redirection to the superior officer
secretary answering the call directed straight to her superior
bell push signal from the front door and door unlock
passing other telephone that looks like 'in bridge' connection with the main telephone to the superior officer
call 'parking'
in one group there can be many superior officers and secretaries

Specific business needs are:

• call center
• voice mail
• voice call system
• digital networking with systems on distant locations
• wireless business system (DECT)
• hotel applications
• medical applications
• industrial applications


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